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About us

Refiz began as a refractory engineering and construction firm in 1997. We have worked for local and international firms in areas such as refinery, iron and steel, glass, energy, cement, non-ferrous metals, and petrochemical industries since our inception.

We place a high value on refractory application technology innovation and technical employee training. We provide advisory services with our professional staff in addition to working as an EPC contractor for your refractory operations.


For various industries, bricklaying, monolithic refractory applications, and refractory applications requiring high insulation and heat resistant materials such as ceramic blanket are required. Our organization can deliver refractory materials on a short-term basis. We provide complete services for your refractory projects in this way.


Aside from the refractory application,

-When required, refractory engineering services and materials are provided.

-Stud welding on a dry surface

-Disassembly of a steel assembly

-Service of scaffolding

-Isolation of pipelines and equipment

-Manufacturing of refractory anchors


Engineers with appropriate sector backgrounds are at the helm of each department, according to the field in which we work. Our 450-person team includes refractory design engineers, site supervisors, OHS specialists, foremen, bricklayers, mold foremen, welders, scaffolders, and assistants who work on various projects.


Focusing on providing the highest quality service and product in its working areas, leading the sector and creating value for the customer.

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To be a driving force behind Turkey’s development in the disciplines of refractory application, engineering, and anchor manufacture.


To be a robust, well-established corporation capable of adapting to continual change.